I Was Driving A Motorcycle When I Was Hit By A Car. Who Pays For My Medical Needs?

by Friedman & Ranzenhofer, PC on February 22, 2010

in NY Insurance Issues

Motorcyclists in Buffalo should be aware that New York State insurance law does not afford them the same degree of protection that it provides to drivers of cars and trucks.  Drivers and passengers on motorcycles are exempt from the No Fault insurance coverage provided to those in other types of vehicles.

For drivers of other types of vehicles, when they purchase auto insurance they must purchase at least $50,000 in No Fault coverage, which pays for items such as medical expenses and lost wages incurred by the occupants following an accident.  These funds are available regardless of who is at fault for the accident.

Unfortunately for motorcycle enthusiasts, drivers and passengers of motorcycles are exempt from No Fault coverage.  In the case of motorcycle insurance, No Fault coverage only protects a pedestrian struck by a motorcycle.  As a result, motorcyclists must seek other means to pay their medical bills.

While this may be good for insurance companies, it can impose an extreme hardship on motorcyclists who are seriously injured as a result of another driver.  While the other driver may be sued if he or she caused the accident, the money from a lawsuit may not be available for months or even years after the accident.  Meanwhile, the impact of lost wages of medical expenses can be immediate.  If you enjoy motorcycles, please use extra caution when riding.

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