What Are The Rules For Bicyclists In Buffalo Personal Injury Accidents?

by Friedman & Ranzenhofer, PC on July 31, 2015

in Buffalo Injury Questions and Answers

Over the past several years, the Buffalo area has seen rapid expansion of the number of bicycle paths and lanes in the area.

While having specific areas designated for bicyclists helps to protect them from collisions with motor vehicles, many bicyclists still suffer personal injury as a result of bicycle-motor vehicle collisions.

When evaluating who was at fault when a bicycle and motor vehicle collide, it helps to have an experienced personal injury lawyer who understands the specific laws surrounding use of a bicycle.

A bicyclist who is riding on a roadway generally is required to follow the same rules – and has the same rights – as someone driving a car.

At locations where there is a lane specifically marked for bicycle use only, bicyclists are required to use it.

Where there is no such lane, the law requires bicyclists to travel on the right hand curb or shoulder to the extent it can be safely done.

It is against the law for bicyclists to ride more than two abreast on the road, and they must travel in single file when being overtaken by a vehicle.

If a bicyclist violates these rules, he or she is likely to be found at least partially responsible for any collision with a motor vehicle.

In most situations, motor vehicles are required to treat a bicyclist the same as they would a car.

This includes yielding to them when the car is exiting a driveway or at a stop sign, not encroaching on the lane being used by the bicyclist, and not blocking a bicyclist’s path when he or she has the right of way.

If a motor vehicle does any of these things and causes a personal injury accident, the driver of the motor vehicle may be held liable for damages.

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