In Buffalo, Is A Personal Injury Accident Involving A Motorcyclist Different Than A Car Accident?

by Friedman & Ranzenhofer, PC on August 12, 2015

in Buffalo Injury Questions and Answers

Buffalo motorcycle accidents often involve very serious injuries and can have a devastating impact on the motorcyclist’s life.

Unfortunately for motorcyclists injured in a personal injury accident, New York does not have the same insurance requirements for motorcycles as for other motor vehicles, which can make an injured motorcyclist’s situation much more difficult.

For most motorists, New York’s No Fault insurance laws require the driver’s own auto insurance to pay for his or her initial medical expenses and lost wages.

For motorcyclists, however, New York does not require insurers to provide No Fault coverage, and few motorcyclists choose to carry it.

As a result, a seriously injured motorcyclist may be placed in a position where his or her lost wages and medical expenses are not being covered by any insurance.

The motorcyclist can seek to recover these medical expenses and lost wages as part of the personal injury lawsuit.

If the case does not settle quickly, however, a motorcyclist who cannot work may face serious financial hardship in addition to the physical injuries he or she has suffered.

As a result, it is especially important to have an experienced personal injury lawyer following a motorcycle accident – one who knows how to move the case along as quickly as possible without compromising his or her efforts to obtain full monetary compensation for the injuries.

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