Do You Always Need A Personal Injury Lawyer After A Car Accident In Buffalo?

by Friedman & Ranzenhofer, PC on August 18, 2014

in Buffalo Car Accidents

Some Buffalo drivers injured in a motor vehicle accident choose not to speak with a personal injury lawyer. This is especially true when the accident involved a minor collision or the person does not think they are very hurt. For those fortunate people who did not suffer a serious injury, the decision not to consult a personal injury lawyer may work out. In cases where a person’s injuries turn out to be worse than originally thought, however, they may regret their decision.

Because New York law requires a driver’s own car insurance company to pay for the insured’s initial medical bills and lost wages, many injured people feel they do not need a lawyer. Unfortunately, if the funds available from the injured person’s insurer are used up and he or she still needs medical treatment, is unable to work or continues to suffer other damages as a result of the accident, he or she may regret not retaining a personal injury lawyer to seek additional funds from the party who caused the accident.

In some cases, the insurance company of the person who caused the car accident may even offer an injured person some compensation to settle any claim. While it may seem like a good idea to take this money and avoid having to pay any legal fees, it is rarely a good idea to do so. Most people do not have the experience to properly analyze the value of their injuries, while an experienced personal injury lawyer will know how much to seek from the insurance company. Insurance companies usually try to settle claims for as little as possible and frequently offer less than the full value of the injury.

Even if you do not think you are badly injured, we do not charge any fee up front to speak with you and help you determine if you have a personal injury claim. If you want advice regarding your legal rights following a car accident, please feel free to call us at 716-631-9999.

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