What Are The Symptoms Of A Traumatic Brain Injury?

by Friedman & Ranzenhofer, PC on September 15, 2010

in Buffalo Brain & Head Injury Issues

All Buffalo residents should be aware that even if you are not struck in the head during an accident, an accident that involves the head being rapidly jerked may still lead to a brain injury.  As a result, if you or a loved one is involved in this type of accident, you should be on the lookout for the symptoms of a Traumatic Brain Injury.

Unfortunately, symptoms of this type of injury may take on many different forms.  Typical problems nclude episodes of memory loss, headaches, dizziness, difficulty with concentration, changes in speech, such as slowing or slurring of words, changes in behavior, and unexplained changes of mood.  Other possible side effects of such an injury may be more readily apparent, such as vertigo, seizures, muscle spasms, lack of coordination or strength is the extremities, and unexplained pain.

These symptoms can take time to develop following an accident.  As a result, a trained physician should be consulted if you or someone you know begins to experience these types of otherwise unexplained symptoms following an injury accident.  While the ability to recover from a Traumatic Brain Injury will vary with the degree of injury and the individual injured, the symptoms may be reduced in most cases through proper treatment.

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