Man Receives $2,100,000 In Traumatic Brain Injury Case

by Friedman & Ranzenhofer, PC on February 21, 2010

in Buffalo Brain & Head Injury Issues

Unfortunately for those who suffer a traumatic brain injury in Buffalo or elsewhere, this type of injury can be difficult to prove.  Absent a fractured skull or the need for surgery, individuals who suffer this type of injury and sue often find themselves portrayed as having faked their symptoms.

Recently, a New York State appellate court found that an individual who had suffered a traumatic brain injury should be awarded $2,100,000 for past and future pain and suffering.  This amount was lower the $4,600,000 amount awarded by the jury but higher than the $1,600,000 that the verdict had been reduced to by the trial judge.

This substantial award is significant because the injured party, Vincenzo Popolizio, age 56, did not exhibit extreme symptoms of traumatic brain injury such as requiring surgery, suffering a fractured skull or suffering such serious brain damage that he required constant care.  Instead, his symptoms included cognitive function bordering on mental retardation as demonstrated by an IQ test and symptoms of depression.  In other words, he demonstrated the type of brain functioning that individuals who sue are often accused of faking. 

At trial, experts had testified that his cognitive losses and depression would never improve, and coworkers provided testimony that while Mr. Popoloizio had previously been an energetic and personable individual, he now moped around and could not even handle cash transactions.  The jury apparently found this testimony very compelling, and returned a favorable verdict for Mr. Popolizio.

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